What are the effects of Sativa strains?


Cannabis is an herb that is classified into three species which include Sativa, Indica, and ruderalis. Indica and Sativa differ in both physical appearance and psychological effects. Sativa plants are taller and skinnier thin and are pointed at the end, whereas Indica plants have short, stocky leaves. 

Medicinal relevance

Both Indica and Sativa have distinct medicinal effects and their influence on energy levels and productivity. Indica decreases energy and is best for consumption in the evening and at night after completing the day’s tasks.  Indica strains give a few patients what is referred to as couch lock. A condition that someone gets so relaxed and can hardly get up from their place of rest.

Sativas, on the other side, uplift the cerebral, thus enhancing productivity and creativity.  In comparing Indicas vs Sativa strains, Indicas bring about what is referred to as “body high” while sativas deliver “mind high.” Sativas take a longer period to grow compared to Indicas, and they produce a low yield. The reason as to why Indica strains are dominant compared to Sativa. 

Indica and sativa determination

A specific terpene determines the type of stain in Indica and Sativa. Most terpenes in cannabis are known for helping patients battling with conditions like insomnia and anxiety. If a volume of myrcene exceeds 0.5 %, the strain is considered to be Indica. If the amount is below one-half of the percentage, then the strain is referred to as Sativa. 

Sativa and Indica effects 

Apart from comparing Sativa vs Indica strains, depending on one’s health and needs, the strains have benefits that one can use to his advantage. Some effects such as the cause of hunger are experienced in both strains. The rest of the side effects are strongly caused by one of the two plants. The following is a reference guide to what you will experience if you use one of the strains. 

Effects of Indica strains 

Decreased nausea; cannabis Indica is a great natural remedy to refresh the stomach and relieve nausea symptoms. Whether it is nausea from traveling sickness or suffering from flue Indica is the best reliever. Most chemotherapy patients depend on Indica strains to help them with nausea experienced after treatment. Apart from decreasing nausea, cannabis Indica is a good nausea reliever. 

Effects of Sativa strains

Depression reliever; serotonin plays an important role in a person’s mental outlook and mood. Many antidepressants’ main formulation is meant to raise the levels of serotonin. Cannabis sativa boosts happiness instantly.  Those who suffer from depression can easily regain their motivation and get back to normal by using this powerful strain. 


When comparing Sativa vs Indica strains scientific research shows that Sativa has more energizing power than Indica; on the other hand, Indica is more relaxing. Although these two strains have differences, what is more, important is one’s ability to look at the individual strains’ biochemical content to choose the right strain compatible with their needs.

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